In today’s challenging Jewish synagogue world, more and more shuls are seeking the Voice of the Member. Better understanding members' views and needs is critical to growing the shul.

Shul Survey is a customized and cost-effective professional survey of your members, and includes consultation, survey design, online programming, survey execution, analysis and delivery of a professional report. Let Nishma Research do the work for you! Contact us for a free consultation.


We are pleased to present Shul Survey – a fast and inexpensive way for you to survey your members in a professional, analytic and deep manner. ShulSurvey provides:

  • A consultation to probe your specific needs, so that the survey will reflect them;
  • Programming of an online survey customized to your needs, and an email link for you to send out to confidentially survey your members; or Nishma can distribute the survey on your behalf;
  • A complete, confidential report profiling how your shul is doing in each of more than two dozen distinct areas, and including results for every survey question, as well as the verbatim comments provide by your members;
  • Identification of the aspects that are most important to members, and those among them needing improvement;
  • Identification of key member segments that are more or less satisfied with the most important attributes;
  • Interpretation of the findings and recommended action plans to enhance membership retention and growth.


  • Base price of $895 covers consultation, survey design to create customized research, online programming, survey execution, data analysis, and delivery of a professional report and all related proprietary materials
  • The fee may vary if the survey is substantially more or less customized, the extent of additional analysis, or an onsite presentation is desired
If you’ve been considering such research, let us help you to make it happen … and to do it right! Our goal is to help shuls, provide high quality work, and keep it affordable.